Fake Raids and Harassments Post

How to be guarded?


After the demonetization, we keep hearing that the enforcement agencies have stepped up the field actions to curb black money and related activities. Raids are being conducted by Income Tax Department, Enforcement Directorate etc. to unearth evidences and to nab the law evaders. People love to invade others privacy. It doesn't matter whether it is through covert or overt attempts. Authorized officials have every legal right to search you and your belongings if armed with proper warrants specifically. Read More...

The Hyper Intelligent Bosses

Intelligence is a good attribute of an efficient boss.


If the boss is exceptionally brilliant in conceptualization, planning and implementation, that would be a boon for the organization. But when the intelligence is coupled with obstinacy and rigidity, then it would turn counterproductive. Hussain leads about 400 managers in his large company. He believes that his intellectual acuity is a lot more superior to every other person in the organisation at his level in organizational hierarchy and below. Read More...

Meet the IRS Toppers (Part-II)

A few tips for the Civil Services aspirants.


As per the recent trends, about 10 lakh people apply to write for the Civil Services Examination conducted by the UPSC each year. Almost half of them fail to write the preliminary examination, after receiving the admit cards, mostly due to lack of preparation. Out of about 5 lakh people who write the examination, around 15000 persons clear the preliminary examination. After the main examinations, around 3000 people make it to the personality test cum interview. Only less than half of them get listed in the final rank sheet.Read More...

Meet the IRS Toppers (Part-I)

A few tips for the Civil Services aspirants


As per the recent trends, about 10 lakh people apply to write for the Civil Services Examination conducted by the UPSC each year. Almost half of them fail to write the preliminary examination, after receiving the admit cards, mostly due to lack of preparation. Out of about 5 lakh people who write the examination, around 15000 persons clear the preliminary examination. After the main examinations, around 3000 people make it to the personality test cum interview. Only less than half of them get listed in the final rank sheet.Read More...

Unethical blogging

Micro media and the lure


Rapid spread of internet and its universal accessibility have resulted in facilitating information flow democratically from any source. Anyone can become a creator or disseminator of news. There is no need for any institutional structure to back up such initiatives. Since last one decade, there emerged a new media platform called blogs that are the creations of thousands of individuals across the globe working independently. There are several genres: personal diary, analysis of social issues, literary creations, fashion and lifestyle, recipes, reviews and hundreds of other categories. Read More...

The Limits of Tolerance

It's all about tolerance


Nothing is infinite and unlimited in the world. Even the life is limited by time. So are privileges, rights and virtues. Therefore tolerance also has its own limits

Tolerance is the cost for the richness brought by diversity. Tolerance doesn’t mean acceptance of the views of others. If one accepts the views and practices of others then there is no relevance for tolerance either as a law or as a practice.Read More...

An Eye on Gold

The Jewellery Story


The Prime Minister of India has launched two attractive schemes to use about 20,000 tonnes of the precious metal treasured by residents in their homes for the development of the country. The Gold Monetisation Scheme  and the Sovereign Gold Bonds Scheme  will enable people to earn attractive interest for the gold deposited and for the gold bonds purchased. This is a very laudable initiative to use gold for productive purposes. But what would be the response of the public in this regard ? Unlike the citizens of many other countriesRead More...

4 Films I Recently watched

Best Movies


I am not an uncontrollable cinephile.  But I do like to watch movies occasionally and like to analyze it quite incisively.  Bad ones create guilt and disappointments within me for wasting my time in a movie hall. Good movies unleash creative energy within me. There are movies that brought me tears and I never felt embarrassed for that as the nature of depiction of certain events by the respective directors deserved an emotional appreciation. Certain characters, events and dialogue could emerge out of the screen and haunt us for some time .Read More...

Paradise Lost and Regained by Ratnadip

A Review


There is a proliferation of English Indian fiction especially from the young Indian authors in the last few years. Most of these revolve around themes such as romance, relationship strains, emotional recoveries and marital adventures of urban, middle class, educated and career youth. Much of the story line and instances narrated are repetitive in many works and the ends are predictable.  Another ‘popular’ stream of non-fiction originated in the last several years is from the authors who are fascinated by the Indian mythologies.Read More...

Port out, if you are not satisfied with your mobile service provider

It's all about mobile service provider


You used to take your meals in a restaurant in the city. After a while you find that the quality of meals in that restaurant is deteriorated. What will you do? You might complain to the manager or the owner of the restaurant about it. Still, there is no improvement and you are not satisfied with the service. What will you do next? Will you make a complaint to the Food Quality Inspector in the Government? Will you file a petition in the jurisdictional consumer court? You won’t be doing any of these as theyare time consuming and tedious. Read More...

Leave Me Alone: Right to Privacy in a Snooping World

Snooping World


The demise of the News of the World and the apology of Robert Murdock is just a beginning. In a world where the privacy of the individuals is increasingly under attack, there is a need for immediate action to stop all unethical practices in invading the privacy of people.    Have a look at how we are being snooped. Have we lost our freedom?: The freedom to talk and the freedom to listen; the freedom to walk and the freedom to rest; the freedom to laugh, or at least the freedom to cry in solitude?  Read More...

Public companies into diversification mode?

It's all about public companies


See, what a fantastic value added service being offered by a responsible telecommunication provider.They send messages to the subscribers, young and old, offering 'excellent' services!Some offers received by me in my moblile are given below:These girls will make your mood jolly and cheerful. Click hangama.(followed by telecom company's name).Want to chat with beautiful girls? Click this. (wap......). Want to download photos of beautiful girls. click.... Whether Govt.Companies are in dire needRead More...

The Great Indian Gall Bladder Stones Scam

Gall Bladder Stones Scam


This incident happened when my son was around eight years old. He complained of pain in his abdomen. Since home remedies did not help in reducing the pain, we showed him to a pediatrician. He suggested us to meet a pediatric surgeon. (I wondered what the role of a surgeon at that stage and I never knew that there was an exclusive surgeon for each age group!) The pediatric surgeon examined and suggested an ultrasound imaging (sonography). We got it done.Read More...

Ten things that make leaders envy Narendra Modi

About Narendra Modi


When I say leaders, I don’t mean only political leaders. Senior bureaucrats, corporate CEOs and even religious leaders included here. When I say things, I don’t mean only attributes, but also attitude, advocacy, lifestyle, oration, and even silence.When I say envy, I mean it in its ‘verb’ form and not the ‘noun’ form. So it is not covetousness, enviousness or jealousy that I am talking about, but a feeling of desire that emanates within self to emulate and replicate, though there is an inherent displeasure to the self for not treading. Read More...

The Voice of the Hunted

A Review of 'Wisdom of the White Mountain'


The voice of the hunted are suppressed. In every society and culture there are individuals who are destined to live the life of a serf. They are considered ever dependent even when sheer hard work made them step on their shoes. They are used to the humiliating experiences. They continue to bend their heads before the mighty and ever willing to lick what is thrown from the table of the lord even when there is no necessity. They are forced to sing eulogies to the immature successors of the breed of the masters.Read More...

The Whimpers from the ventilator

A Letter to Grandma


Most people do not want their loved ones to reach the stage of eternal oblivion or them to get transformed to an extraterrestrial status in any heavenly or hellish surroundings so soon. Even when they are in their late eighties or in the nineties, we would like to have them with us. Death is a reality which we would not like to accept so easily. 

My grandma loved to live life ‘king size’. She took care of her health meticulously for several decades without missing her medicines even once.Read More...

When 1000 bloggers spread stories about compassion

Bloggers Stories


A day when 1000 voices across the world spread stories of compassion! They will write posts about compassion, kindness, support, caring for others, caring for the environment etc.Blogosphere, for a change, will become a platform that showcases ideas worth spreading to the entire universe to bring in peace, harmony, welfare and happiness.To inspire those who are preparing for their posts on compassion, let me reproduce one of my earlier articles on a compassionate soul, who was a school drop-out. Read More...

Of Writer’s block, Ligament injury and the Lessons on care

Writer's Block


Is everything fine?’That was the question from many of my blog readers in the past few weeks“Why there were no new blog posts in the last two months?”Yes, that was the longest ‘Lockout’ in the history of Cyber Diary. The reason was very simple. I was suffering from what generally called a ‘’. I didn't feel like writing anything in the blog. I was watching my blog rank dropping from the eighties to the seventies and now to a pathetic 62.There could be diagnosed and 'undiagnosed'.Read More...

Most viewed blog posts - 2013

Blog Posts Viewed


Here are my articles published in Cyber Diary in 2013, which got maximum readership.My attempt is to look at their family backgrounds, the ‘significant others’, their schooling and the immediate social environment and understand the influence of each of these factors on their attitudes, behavioural patterns and views of life. The Indian Railways (IR) continued to be the single largest settlement for all rats in the world. That is the impression anyone could get after watching the rats going around inside the trains, around the trains, on the railway platforms.Read More...

Most viewed blog posts - 2012

2012 Best Blogspots


Google  is almost synonymous with internet for millions of people. Many are not aware that every action in the net are tracked, stored and probably shared with others. Google has notified its new Privacy Policy  which will be effective from 1st March 2012. Here is an attempt to critically examine privacy issues in the net and the new Privacy Policy of Google. Unlike other children who uttered 'pa' or 'ma' as his first word, baby Julian cried 'why?'. And the parents (the mother, father and the stepfathers in his life) weren’t shy of his ‘why?’ He preferred books to toys. Read More...

Are you a chatterbox?

People who chat


Someone commented that as a person goes up the organizational hierarchy he has more time and less work. These results in making them spend their time in long conversations at workplaces. But this is not applicable only to the seniors; many bosses at all levels find chatting as a pastime in their offices.

There are people who are fond of unending talk. For them, there is no topic about which they can’t jabber. They may make the atmosphere bubbly, but end their day without much value creation.Read More...

A mother who learnt from her teenage daughter

Time Changes


The abuse of a six year old child in a Bangalore School by the gym instructor sent shock waves across the country. Not only the gym instructor, but the security guard and many others were involved in similar incidents in the private school run by a leading group in the business of education.

I reproduced an extract of a letter received by me from a lady who was abused when she was less than 7 years old! After reading the review my inbox flooded. Read More...

Hey Doctor! Why are you in a hurry?

Where is the Doctor heading?


I was having a ‘dull’ headache for the past few weeks. People suggested me to reduce my use of laptop and I did that. The head ache coupled with the ‘writer’s block’ is the reason for not writing any blog posts in the month of June. I met a physician and a series of specialists to find out the cause of the headache. The headache is reduced considerably now. But the ordeal with doctors made me think about why and how some of them are frantic to reap as much within their ‘allotted time’. I wrote about this.Read More...

Why do I yawn during shopping?

Interesting Shopping Fact


I wanted to write this letter to you for a long time. I am suffering from a chronic disease since last several years. Whenever I accompany my wife or my mother for their shopping, I get continuous yawning. All the sweet conversations of the sales people do not amuse me. Rather I get irritated.I get to escape from this ordeal very often by giving the excuse of some important engagements. But I do get trapped sometimes. One such occasion is when we go for any outstation tour where I am under my wife’s exclusive captivity.Read More...

When trust is sold?

Trust Sold


Secrets continued to be the bestsellers always and everywhere. It is a human tendency (if not weakness) to tap every available source to know about the secret of their ‘significant others’. Even a celebrity or a national leader can also be a significant target. Authors or the would-be authors and their publishers know what sells in the market. So, they source the valuable data through laborious archival work, less laborious ‘purchases’, very exciting chitchats or by throwing cocktail parties. While Oprah Winfrey dismissed the book as untrue. Read More...

Teach a lesson to your children who love your property and not you:

Try Reverse Mortgage


Mrs and Mr Sharma are now in their seventies. Both are retired government officers. They spent most of their life’s earnings for educating their three children. The eldest one became an engineer and currently settled in US with his wife.The daughter who is a lecturer got married to a Doctor. Youngest one is a Dentist married to his batchmate in Dental College. Sharma and his wife stay in their three-bedroom apartment acquired by them a few years before their retirement.Read More...

Are you an opportunist or an opportunity 'utilizer'?

Opportunist / Utilizer


While introducing me to a gathering of young and aspiring managers, the speaker said: “He used the opportunities before him so well in his life and that is the secret of his success. One needs to be an ‘opportunist’ like him”. The first sentence amused me and the second one bewildered me. Knowing the ‘language proficiency’ of the speaker, I understood what he really meant! But the word opportunist lingered in my mind during the entire session and I pondered over it to comprehend how important it is for a person.Read More...

My Visit To Kashmir

About Kashmir


Finally I visited Kashmir. I longed to be in one of the most beautiful locations in the world for many years. It was a long cherished dream fulfilled when I availed the ‘Leave Travel Concession’ and flew to Srinagar for a short holiday with family.I grew up hearing about the conflicts for Kashmir and the continuous violence. For many years, not a single news bulletin ended without a mention of any violent incident in Jammu & Kashmir. The 1990s witnessed large scale fleeing of a section of Kashmir residents to Jammu, Delhi and various other parts of India. Read More...

The beginning of real 'history'?

The discipline to the public domain


In 1989 Francis Fukuyama, the renowned American political scientist asked a question: ‘The End of History?’ That was an article written by him as he thought that the humanity’s socio-cultural revolution was going to end with the spread of the institution of liberal democracy across the world. Later, he expanded the thought with sufficient substance and a lot of substantiation in his book ‘The End of History and the Last Man’ in 1992. After the end of the cold war and the fall of Berlin Wall, he said that there was unprecedented homogeneity. Read More...

Snapshots from TCS World 10K Bangalore 2014 :

Reaching out to the less privileged


The seventh edition of TCS World 10K Bangalore was held on 18th May 2014. The purpose of the race was to channelize people and resources to the less privileged in the society. I participated in the event representing the NGO Bal Utsav. It is a non-profit education organization dedicated to create educated and empowered global citizens. The organization focuses on educating the non-school going children. Several NGOs, Corporates, Educational Institutions and Individuals participated in the event to promote various social causes. . Read More...

Tamil, Tamilians and the Tirukkural

About Tamilans


I am a fan of not only the Tamil language but also the Tamilians in general. My fascination towards the language increased as I started learning it. First it was out of an urge to excel in work though there was no career compulsion. Later it was a personal admiration after knowing the richness in that great language, both oral and written. I was posted in Tamil Nadu and as part of a sensitive job handled by me, I used to come across many handwritten notes in Tamil. Instead of always depending on the team members .Read More...

The 'Queen', the Marriage and the Tears

Marriage is like a fortress besieged


I read this somewhere; There are three rings in marriage: The engagement ring, the wedding ring and the suffering! And here is a French proverb: ‘Marriage is like a fortress besieged: those who are outside want to get in, and those who are inside want to get out.
Why do men and women who do not get a suitable ‘alliance’ continue to sulk?
Rani, whose role played by Kangana Raut in the Hindi movie ‘Queen’, was shattered when her fiance Vijay acted by Rajkumar, who won the national award in the movie. Read More...

10 reasons I voted this year

Various Reasons for Voting


I got my new voter ID after I relocated to another city. I applied online and the application was processed within a few days! The details were printed on the card without any mistake.  I found that the photo on the card looked exactly like me. (It is said that one’s worst picture will be on the voter id card or the Aadhaar card and the best one is in the Facebook as profile picture. There were reports recently that in 14817 cases Aadhaar document contained photos of wrong persons, and in some cases the photos were of trees, animals and buildings! Read More...

The best strategy to get votes

Voting Strategy


I have seen several Loksabha elections in the past. But none of them excited me so much like the 2014 elections. In almost every constituency there is tough fight between more than two candidates. It is interesting to watch the debates on various TV channels and innovative campaign in the field and through social networks. But I liked the pre-EVM days for just one reason. Watching the updates regarding counting of votes from morning till late night was such good fun during those days of manual ballot papers. Read More...

Have you met The Ugly Indian?

Do you want to be one?


He is anonymous. The team is anonymous. The groups spread across the country work anonymously.

They are in the dirty Indian streets. They clear the filth that covered our perceptions of society. They heard people say that ‘when India becomes a super power, it will become the filthiest in the world!’ They also heard that ‘putting an Indian in the moon is easier than keeping an Indian street clean.But these statements didn’t amuse them so much. Their philosophy is this: Kaam chalu mooh bandh. . Read More...

Kuriakose Elias Chavara:

A Forgotten Social Revolutionary


When Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara is being elevated to the stature of a saint, one should not once again make him purely a religious missionary ignoring his role as one of the greatest social reformers India ever had. His sanctification undoubtedly, is a blissful moment for every devotee, but that should not relegate him exclusively to a space within the four walls of the church, monastery, or any religious institution. Kuriakose Elias Chavara never figured in any History books. He was never a subject matter of historians who attempted to do research .Read More...

A few 'eye opening' stray thoughts

Few Thoughts


My daughter wanted to have a pair of spectacles. She thought that it would enhance her ‘look’. Most of her classmates wear spectacles and she felt that it is a handicap not to have one. She would put her grandma’s ‘high-powered’ spectacles though she was warned that she would get a headache. On a trip to a tourist location she cajoled us to buy her a pair of spectacles with plain glasses and she enjoyed wearing it to ‘show off’ to her friends. As soon as the above cheap stuff was broken.Read More...

The art and craft of smiling:

This is learning time friends!


A few months ago, while sharing the dais with a VIP, I wondered! Why doesn't he smile? Normally this category of VIPs showers their lavish smile to people in public. Later I understood that once someone is in power, he is not supposed to smile unnecessarily. Power and related responsibility tightens those facial muscles that help one to smile. Though there is no consensus among scientists and researchers on how much effort one has to take to smile, an email forwarded to me said that it took 43 muscles to frown and only 17 muscles to smile!Read More...

Suicide of Salomi

a few questions to ourselves


It was Sunday, July 4, 2010. After the morning mass in the Nirmala Matha Church, Prof T J Joseph was driving home in his car along with his aged mother Elikutti, wife Salomi, sister Mary Stella and children Ami and Mithun. A group of people stopped their car and dragged Joseph out and chopped his right hand and threw the palm to the nearby field.The ‘crime’ attributed to T J Joseph was this: He took a portion of a Screen Play written by a well known writer P T Kunhumuhammed, titled ‘Thirakkatha: Oru Viswasiyude Kandethal’ meaning ‘ Screen Play: Read More...

ഒരു കുരിശുചുംബനത്തിന്‍റെ വില

ഒരു കുരിശുചുംബനത്തിന്‍റെ വില


ആഴ്ചകള്‍ക്ക് മുന്‍പ് ഒരു ഞായറാഴ്ച ഉച്ചയ്ക്ക്‌ ചൂടുള്ള മത്തിക്കറി ചോറുംപാത്രത്തിലേക്ക് ഇട്ടിട്ട് അമ്മ പറഞ്ഞു: ‘ഇനി അമ്പതു നാള്‍ ഇറച്ചിയും മീനും ഒന്നുമില്ല. നാളെ നോയമ്പ് തുടങ്ങും.’ അമ്മയുടെ പറച്ചില്‍ കേട്ടാല്‍ തോന്നും എന്നും ഇവിടെ ഇറച്ചിയും മീനും ആണെന്ന്‍! എനിക്ക്ചിരി വന്നു. എത്ര ദിവസം കൂടിയാണ് ഇന്നല്‍പം മീന്‍ വാങ്ങിയത്. അപ്പന്‍ കിടപ്പിലായതില്‍ പിന്നെ അമ്മയുടെ തൂപ്പുജോലിയില്‍ നിന്ന്‍ കിട്ടുന്ന വരുമാനം കൊണ്ടാണ് വീട്ടുചിലവുകള്‍ നടത്തുന്നത്. ബീകോംകാരന്‍ മകന് ബാങ്ക് ഓഫീസര്‍ ജോലി സ്വപ്നം കണ്ട അമ്മയ്ക്ക് അവനെ കൂലിവേലയ്ക്ക് വിടാ. . Read More...

A Journey with cockroaches:

The Indian Railways and the public woes


World has changed radically. India and most Indian manufacturing, retail, and service sectors have changed for the good. Only one thing which believes in ‘continuity’ is the Indian Railways in spite of the fact that it has completed more than 160 years. It has not adequately used to its advantage a) the modern technology, b) increased mobility across the regions, c) preferences of the new generation customers, d) high tourism potential, and e) loyalty of the Indian passengers.Volumes can be written on each of these topics. Read More...

With Auto Raja

An Angel for the beggars and the unwanted


Have you heard of a person called ‘Auto Raja’? He is a former auto driver whose formal educational qualification is Standard III, though he has received an honorary doctorate later. He was a thief, a goonda, and a convict at a very young age. But now, he is a transformed person. He hugs and saves every destitute he sees on the streets. He feeds them, he gives them a place to stay in his ‘Home of Hope’ at Bangalore, and he takes care of all their needs to give them a life and death with dignity.Read More...

The Narayanan and the Auto Raja-

A living angel


On 9th November 2012, Mrs Uma, wife of an officer in the Indian Air Force at Trivandrum filed an FIR at the Peroorkada Police Station, Trivandrum as follows:

My father Shri T.R. Narayanan, 80 years,  who was staying with me in Trivandrum at Planning Board Lane, Rajalakshmi Nagar, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram has been missing since 8th November 2012. He is a dementia patient and has no clear memory; consequently he is under essential, regular medication. He went out for a walk. Read More...

Another Chritmas Sans Christ

The world celebrated another Christmas


The lights, the decorations, the shopping, the gifts, the plum cake, Santa, Reindeer, the lavish feast!

All in the name of a person who reiterated himself as son of God

All celebrations happened under the banner ‘Christmas’ have nothing to do with that unique incarnation!

'What' was real Christ?


In Search of a Christmas Card

Journey of a man who is in search of a christmas card


Dear Friend,

You know that I have never failed to send a Christmas card to you all these years. It was always fun and excitement every December to go to the nearby store and buy over a hundred Christmas cards to send to all friends and relatives. I remember that, during my school days, I used to spend the entire pocket money for buying Christmas Cards.As I moved to college, and with increased number of friends, I found the ‘card buying project’ too expensive. Read More...

Have you ever been to Karwar beach?

A small tourist attraction


Instead of going to overcrowded beaches and highly commercialized tourist locations, why don't you explore a very serene place in Southern India?

I stopped at Karwar for an overnight stay on my trip from Udupi in Karnataka recently. I chose Devbagh Beach Resort, a unit of Government owned Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd. It is located in the Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka.I was told by the staff in the resort that the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore stayed in Karwar. Read More...

The 'Lucky Peanuts', Men of God, and the Scientific Temper

A story about the scientific temper


Whether faith in God or faith in the predictors amount to tampering or tapering of scientific temper?

I have a few stray thoughts on this, though I am fully convinced myself that true faith in God is never antagonistic to scientific inquiry and exploration.

India has made a historic leap into a new space age with the successful launch of the Mars Orbiter. Two things we read in the media while keeping a track of the launch. Read More...

Goat Days

A real-life story of a young man's journey to loneliness


If ‘Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho was a story about a Shepherd boy following his dream, Benyamin’s ‘goat days’ is a real life story of a young man who pursued his dream and ended up as a shepherd in a sterile wasteland.

When a friend mentioned that there was a visa for sale to go to a gulf country, Najeeb didn’t think twice. He had only simple wishes: Settle a few family debts, add a room to the small house, and to get out of the work of a sand diver that gave him chronic cough. Read More...

Some public perceptions about honest people

A Story about honest people


Public perceptions of certain fundamental principles

Honesty is the most likeable quality

But honest people are not always likeable. Honest people are fundamentalist, unsophisticated, and rude. They always give unpleasant replies. They are rule bound, bookish and very matter of fact in response. They don’t condone mistakes. They don’t regularize deviations. Even when they are polite.Read More...

Hey Doctor! Why are you in a hurry?

A Story of a doctor who is in hurry?/h2>

One profession where every millisecond matters is the medical profession. Doctors run against time, saving millions of lives. They can afford only little sleep, little socializing and leisure. Commitment to work and pressure from the organization force them to keep their apron on for almost 18 hours a day. Society should thank not only them, but also their spouses and children for letting them away from home. But what worries us is that many of these doctors are too much in a hurry, creating anxious. Read More...

Why she loves butterflies?

A conversation with an Installation Artist


Here is a unique artist who perceives the world around her, from the angle of a butterfly. She is Sharwari Tilloo. She believes, (backed up by her scientific analysis) that there are similarities between the life of a butterfly and human behaviour. According to her, the butterfly is a symbol of freedom and beauty; it represents the status and life of women in society, their aspirations and desires.

When I met her amidst her exhibition at the Chitrakala parishath(Karnataka, Southern India), I found that every creation.Read More...


A Movie Review


The other day my friend Homi, who is a leading counsel for many global entities, sent me a draft deed of a Charitable Trust he and his friends proposed to start, for my comments. I read the deed and was impressed by the noble purpose of the proposed Trust. The main objective is to render assistance in the cases of the wrongly accused and convicted persons and the reformed criminals who do not have anyone to help. Later, when I watched the movie ‘Shahid’, I was convinced about the need for such initiatives to save several innocent lives.Read More...

The Unborn Love

A Story About Love


He was very shy. She was very smart. He was an introvert. She was a chatterbox. He didn't care how he appeared. She was worried how he appeared. She told him what and what not to eat. She never wanted his belly to grow so huge. He was just 23, though his heftiness made him look older. She was 19. She used all her pocket money in Archies to buy gifts and greeting cards for him. She gave them for every festival including the ones neither he nor she celebrated ever.She always felt that the words printed on the cards were too inadequate love. Read More...

Are You Ready to pay for the Real News?

A story about Real News


I picked up one of the leading national newspapers from Delhi while leaving the hotel to catch a flight. I was horrified at the size of the newspaper (82 pages) as the cash starved airlinewould definitely charge me for carrying excess weight. But I could finish the newspaper within a few minutes on my way to the airport. That was because it hardly contained any news!  More than 80% of the content was advertisements, advertorials and other paid stuff (It was not a Sunday newspaper, which normally carry many extra pages). Read More...

The Bangalore Literature Festival and a few thoughts to ponder

A story about the Bangalore Literature Festival


After spending a few hours last weekend at the Bangalore Literature Festival(BLF), I do not have any hesitation to shower my appreciation for the excellent effort by the organizers in making it lively, informative, and entertaining. The team led by Vikram Sampath, Srikrishna Ramamoorthy, and Shinie Antony  and others did a wonderful job.In this article, my attempt is to showcase the key intellectual conversations Read More...

Aleph, Paulo Coelho and my Friend: The Journey Within

(A novel from Paulo Coelho)By Sibichen K Mathew


Thousands of years have passed. Still, life is a mystery for human beings. The creator and the creation are beyond the comprehension of the created. Philosophers like Aristotle and Plato searched for meanings. Theologians like Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine delved deep into the subject. Scientists from Einstein to Stephen Hawking had to satisfy themselves with incomplete information about life.Read More...

“If anybody wants to see us, you have to break open the door”!

A Real Story about a Mother and her Son


This was the note written and pasted on the door of their house in Bangalore city by a mother and her son. Don’t think that they pasted the above note and went out. Their lifeless bodies were very much inside. Police and neighbours found a sixty five year old mother and her thirty two year old son hanging from a ceiling fan. The son was an Engineer in a private company.

Police found a four page suicide note in the shirt pocket of the son. Read More...

Ordinary person; Extraordinary life:

A simple real life story for aspiring managers


C.P Shrimali, son of Damodar Lal Srimali was in Class 6. The chubby boy beamed with joy when his classmate distributed fountain pen to all his close friends on his birthday. He proudly attached the pen to his pocket and ran to the house immediately after the school. He wanted to show the pen to his siblings. The siblings were happy to see Shrimali’s new pen and they took turns to see it. In the night, when the father returned from work after writing the accounts for about seven shops.Read More...

Sunanda Pushkar

Mallus and sexual escapades


The paradoxical malayali mindset and related behavioural aberrations were demonstrated in full media glare recently in Kerala's capital Thiruvananthapuram.A 19 year old young man made indecent advances to the 50 year old wife of a newly sworn in Union Minister when the jubilant couple were surrounded by hundreds of followers and onlookers.

Thankfully, and to the molester's utter misfortune, the elegant non-Keralite lady managed to make her right hand freed from commotion, to hit at him in rage. Read More...

Eat well to lose weight:

Tips from an enlightened foodie!


All of us want to lead a healthy life. Yet, we don’t want to forego the tasty stuff! Is there any acceptable combination of abstinence and indulgence in our life?

I have heard many nutritionists, dietitians and health experts speaking on this subject. But, when I talked to Atraeyee Suman, I found that there is something unique about what she says. I thought, it should be shared with all my readers.

I have reproduced below, some portions of my conversation.

A letter to myself on this birthday!

Sibichen K Mathews Birthday


Dear Sibichen,
Wishing you a very happy birthday!
Congratulations for your journey through the road less travelled. I read ‘Tomorrow is my birthday’ which you wrote two years back and ‘Today is my birthday’, you wrote last year. But already a few days have passed since your birthday, and still you have not posted anything like that this year. Don’t lose your way! You are on the right track. Follow the calling. Read More...

Speeches by the dignitaries and the art of outsourcing


The recent Fareed Zakaria episode has sent warning signals to the people who have mastered the art of plagiarism. I do not wish to judge what he has done as a genuine mistake or as a pure and deliberate intellectual dishonesty. I also do not wish to argue that it is a result of any professional envy. But, it has sent a message to many who hesitate to acknowledge the source from which they have lifted the content literally. One of the vibrant blogging communities .Read More...

Voluntary Sincerity:

A virtue for prosperity and wellbeing


Simplicity is a virtue. Voluntary simplicity is a greater virtue. It is a personal choice to being simple and modest, amidst abundance. If you feel that you are blessed with reasonable means for livelihood or live in a ‘comfort zone’, then it would be wise to think of practicing voluntary simplicity, occasionally, if not always. It is called ‘voluntary’, as the act requires deliberate and conscious effort from oneself. It would not be an easy task to come out of the comforts, preferences.Read More...

7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Leaders


The recent Fareed Zakaria episode has sent warning signals to the people who have mastered the art of plagiarism. I do not wish to judge what he has done as a genuine mistake or as a pure and deliberate intellectual dishonesty. I also do not wish to argue that it is a result of any professional envy. But, it has sent a message to many who hesitate to acknowledge the source from which they have lifted the content literally. One of the vibrant blogging communities .Read More...

Julian Assange: A Criminal or a Champion of Open Society?

The Unauthorized Autobiography


Sociologists and Psychologists say that a person’s early childhood experiences have a bearing on his personality as he grows up as an adult. This is found to be very true in the case of Julian Assange, an organized full-time hacker who has institutionalized ‘hacking’ and ‘leaking’ classified and confidential information of individuals, entities and states. He calls it ‘ethical’ and considers it as truthful and in the interest of public. Read More...

Keep your cell phone away; go back to your landline!

It Say's why Landline is best than Cell Phone


The cordless phone connected to my landline went out of order. I couldn’t get anyone to get it set right. All of them advised me to throw it in the dustbin. I went to the showrooms. ‘There is hardly any choice these days’, the salesman grinned and directed me to the Diwali display of high end cell phones!

They said no one uses a landline cordless phone in this age of cell phone. Many people have surrendered their landline connections.Read More...

You are what your Boss is!!

It's all about your Boss


Do you love your boss?

Because he is approachable, motivating, patient, understanding, lovable, honest, supportive, etc.Also for the way he behaves, speaks, responds, advices, corrects and for his lifestyle.

Do you hate your boss?

Because he is unapproachable, cynical, pessimistic, suspicious, rude, impatient, indecisive, etc.Also for the way he behaves, speaks, responds, and reprimands. Read More...

Leave Me Alone

Right to Privacy in a Snooping World


The demise of the News of the World and the apology of Robert Murdock is just a beginning. In a world where the privacy of the individuals is increasingly under attack, there is a need for immediate action to stop all unethical practices in invading the privacy of people.

Have we lost our freedom?: The freedom to talk and the freedom to listen; the freedom to walk and the freedom to rest; the freedom to laugh, or at least the freedom to cry in solitude? Read More...

10000 Steps A Day

Is it Possible?


Someone told me this, the other day. One should aim at taking 10000 steps a day for complete fitness. Yes, I am talking about 10000 footsteps! How many steps do you take in a day? Have you thought of it? Of course, one can’t keep counting every footstep. But try to estimate how many steps you take in a day

I started aiming at 10000 steps. Though I used to walk at least five days a week, either in the morning or in the evening or sometimes both times, I am sure I have never reached the 10000 target on any day. Read More...

My Maruti 800 Story

A Short Story about My Maruti


This December, my Maruti 800 completes 15 long years with me. It travelled along with me all these years to all the places I stayed. But my wife and children are not very amused by my special attachment towards the cute small green car. They tried all these years to cajole, coerce and intimidate me to buy a better car.

All the three of them used to show me every new car on the road and narrate the advantages of buying one of them. And I hated any such narration and retorted them with the merits of my Maruti 800. Read More...

Why I hate March?

Story of hating March month in tha calendar


I hate March. I prayed, year after year, the impossible! To get rid of March.

Can we have a calendar without March next year? But it cannot happen. The international community continued to be faithful to Julian and Gregorian. I heard that many hotels do not have a room with number 13. Even many airlines do not have seats with number 13. Why not then have calendars without March?

I hate March not because it brings bad omen. Read More...

Why I Start Loving March?

Story of Start Loving March


Last year, this time I wrote ‘Why I hate March!”I got several responses to that article.When I look back, I realize that March went off pretty cool!

All Virgos, people say, are hurry worry warts!

As I face another March, some of my friends enquired: ‘How is this March treating you?’I said, it is wonderful! I am saying this not because this March is not without its attendant difficulties. But my own introspection and the responses from many others Read More...

Tell me, what should I eat?

Story of what people should eat


Most of us face this dilemma.

What should I eat?

Let me take you through a tasty journey

I admit a little exaggeration!(by 'those' people

Thought that I am an incurable non-vegetarian.

Then I realized it is a bit dangerous road to tread on . Read More...

Inhuman Act:

But do not write off Air India


I hated Air India earlier. That was when I had the option to travel both by the government carrier as well as by the private airlines. I disliked the way the hospitality crew threw stale sandwiches at me in a fusty demeanour. Instead, I adored the ‘king of good times ’ for his much more personable team with stylish red attire and cordiality.  But later, when the organization where I was attached to, put a blanket ban on any travel by the profit making enterprises, I was forced to get back to the Maharaja again. Read More...

A Day with Dalai Lama

Concept of war is outdated; only dialogue can solve the problems


Dalai Lama is a spiritual leader not only for the people of Tibet but also for many millions around the globe. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. His Philosophy is not only Buddhist but also Gandhian. In his Nobel acceptance speech, he said: ‘I accept it as a tribute to the man who founded the modern tradition of non-violent action for change - Mahatma Gandhi- whose life taught and inspired me.’ Dalai Lama is a man of unlimited strength who faces life and its complexity with a smile. His lectures are simple, humorous, and intellectually enriching. Read More...